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 Monster Drop Guide, unfinished for awile.

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PostSubject: Monster Drop Guide, unfinished for awile.   Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:28 am

Rats - Dragon Dagger(P++/S), Iron Armour, Monk Robes, Adamant Square Shield
White Knights - White Armour, 2h, Scimitar
Daggonoth Kings - Warrior Ring, Seers Ring, Archer Ring, Dragon Woodcutting Axe, Zerker Ring, Rune CrossBow
Sara Mages(GWD) - Nothing, Used only for Kill Count
General Graardor - 15m, Saradomin Sword
Kalphite Queen - Dragon Chainbody, 25k
King Black Dragon - Bandos Gear, Armydal Godsword, Robin Hat, Robin Boots, Zamorak Godsword
Mith Dragon - DragonFire Shield, Dragon Full Helmet
Green Dragon - Dragon PlateLegs, Dragon PlateSkirt, Beserker Necklace, Dragon Med Helm
Tz-Kih - Jad Minigame
Tz-Kek - Jad Minigame
Tok-Xil - Jad Minigame
Yt-Mejkot - Jad Minigame
Ket-Zek - Jad Minigame
TzTok-Jad - Jad Minigame, Fire Cape as a reward
Skeleton - Bones
Nechryal - Dragon Boots, Rune Boots
Jellies - God Books, Dragon Longsword, Dragon Dagger (S/P++), Rune Kiteshield
Turoths - Rune Kite
Abyssal Demon - Abyssal Whip, Dragon Longsword, Rune Full Helmet, Rune Plate, Rune Legs
Dark Beast - Dark Bow, Huh
Regular Daggonoths - Dragon Halberd, Capes
Jungle Demon - Used only for the Monkey Madness quest.
Monkey Guards - No Drop to This Date(?)
Tree Spirit - Used only for Lost City quest.
Gargoyles - Dragon Halberd, Granite Maul, Dragon LongSword
Battle Mages - Robes of there kind, God Staffs, Master Wand, Mage's Book
Chaos Druids - Seeds, Vials of Water
Elf Rangers - Crystal Bow/Shield
Hill Giants - Adamant Skirt, Adamant Legs, Huh
Dust Devils -12k, Dragon Med
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Monster Drop Guide, unfinished for awile.
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