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 Farming guide

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PostSubject: Farming guide   Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:29 am

Farming is a great way to get money and train your combat at the same time. Head off to monster tele and go to cave. In there you should see chaos druids, go kill them for all the following seeds:

LVL 1 Farming to farm:
Irt :1,200 exp -- Super Att pot.
kwarum : 1,200exp --Super Str pot.
Cadantine : 1,200 exp --Super Def pot.

LVL 20 farming to farm:
Lantadyme: 2,000 exp -- Magic pot.
Dwarf Weed :4,700 exp - Ranging pot.

LVL 35 farming to farm:
Snap Dragon:5,300 exp- Super restore pot.

LVL 40 farming to farm:
Ranarr:3,000 exp -- Prayer pot.

LVL 60 farming to farn:
Toadflax: 7,500 exp -- Sara brew.

Q: Where do i buy a rake, or watering can?
A:You don't, the rake is the emote while farming.
Q:Are those the only seeds you can get in deltascape?
A: Yep.
Q:What else drops seeds?
A:At the moment only Chaos Druids.
Q:Where do you farm the seeds?
A: Tele to catherby and just go near where you fish, and you should see a patch there.
Q: Do i get more seeds than another(a.k.a rarity)?
A: This one is hard to answer but i think their all about the same drop rate.

Price guide for Herbs
Prayer pot: 100k/ea
Super Set: 150k-200k/per set
Range pot:100k
Sara brews: 50k
Super restore pot/ 150k-200k
Super att + Super str: 100k
.. I'f i missed anything please tell me. I'll be free to answer your questions too
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Farming guide
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