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 all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game

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PostSubject: all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game   Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:35 am

Legends Quest

Talk to the legends gaurd to start the quest.

Sorry i couldn't get a picture of this but when you get in the cave go right than go to the left or middle and you'll get out.

Next you have to get 150 cakes there is a bank in ardoughne so get full inventory than go to the bank.

Than talk to the gaurd than fight the black demon bring p pots if you have too and kill it. Than you can buy a legends cape for 348 gp.

Lunar Diplomacy

Requirements:50 slayer, 43 prayer to use protect from melee, and 61 crafting.

First go talk to the sailor bring a chisel and a addy ore.

Bring food and prayer pots because after you cut the topaz you have to fight a monster.

Than give him the addy ore.

Than talk to him he says you need to get 50 slayer.

Talk to him again you finished quest!!

Monkey Madness

To start talk to the pirate and get teleported to the agility area.

Then go talk to the king.

Then talk to garkor he will tell you some stuff.

After go down the trap door.

Then follow the path there is only 1 way. You will talk to a guy get a monkey gree gree

After you need to talk to the elder gaurd. Weild the gree gree when you are talking to him.

you will get a ribbon wear it than get ready to fight. Tip: use protect from mage.

Vampire Slayer

This one is made by d3adly.

Skill Requirements : None.
Items required : Spade.

1. You start the quest off by talking to Morgan in Draynor Village.

Go to pking - Edgeville. Then follow the red line on the map to Draynor.

2. Once you talk to her she'll tell you about a vampire
Look at the map above once again , follow the purple line to the Draynor Manor.

3. Your task is to slayer the vampire, but you cant attack it for some reason. You need garlic.

4. Walk outside and head to the west side of the building. You will see a farming patch. But north of it you'll see a compost patch. Stand next to it and dig. You should get a key. ( Red line )

5. Head back inside to where to stairs lead down . Thats where the vampire is but we need garlic first. In that room theres a door to the east. Open in. In the little room is a chest. Open it, and theres your garlic. ( Purple dot )

6. Exit that room and go down those stairs. Here comes the fight. It's really easy. I would reccomend food.

7. Once you slay the vampire, Quest Complete. You are nicely rewarded 30k hp xp Smile

rune mystery quest.

Stats: none.
What you need: Just 500gp.
Recomended items: 50 Rune Essence.

first talk to aubury

He'll ask you to go to the zamorak mage. Tele to Edgeville, which is a pk area.


Go into the wild, next to the river and then go further in the wild and then talk to the mage.

he'll ask you for 500gp, so give it him then, he'll talk to you.

Go back to the wizard and he'll tell you he wants 50 rune essence.

so go mine or get some rune ess and go back to the wizard.

knights legend

First your adventure takes you to Camelot to talk to King Lathas, so teleport to Catherby and follow this map.

The silly little man will give you a story about the Black Knights wanting to take over the world, and you have to ruin their plan.

So now we teleport to edge, and follow this cute little map until we get to the Black Knight Fortress.

Now your inside, you go through the brick wall, then up the ladder, up the ladder again, down the ladder just a little south, through the two doors, then up the ladder, down the ladder again, through the door, then down the ladder 1 more time.

Then you listen at the grill and you get a treasure map :O, and you go back to King Lathas.

Now he tells you to go to Yanille to dig for treasure, bring a spade.

Now once you get to Yanille its time to gear up. Bring 6+ super restores, and the rest sharks, and your spade.

Once you are ready for battle go to the sandbox which you can see on the map, and dig there. Now swing across the monkey bars, and go across the log thing and you should see a guy standing there.

Talk to him.

Now here is the hard part.

There are 3 knights and you have to start from the first one.

The first is the easiest. He will hit upper 20's and has a lot of hp, and he drains prayer.

The second one is harder. He does all the above, but he also drains strength :O. Kill him like the first one.

Now the third one is no joke. He does the same as the others but he drains attack and def.

After the last one you beat the quest, and you now have piety and chivalry.

lost city

Requirements : A Bronze axe, A knife, 32 fletching, 36 woodcutting and To be Able to defeat a Lvl 101 tree spirit
Rewards : Able to enter Zanaris and To be able to weild a Dragon Longsword and Dragon Dagger(s)

Note : You have to defeat the lvl 101 tree spirit using magic spells or a bronze axe

----------------------------------------------------Step One-----------------------------------------------------
Firstly, Goto your magic tab and teleport to 'Beginning Training' there you will see level 6 rats.
What you do now is walk northeast and you shall see a 'Warrior'.Talk to the Warrior and he will tell you that he is looking for Zanaris.

----------------------------------------------------Step Two----------------------------------------------------
Secondly, Teleport home and walk to the White Knights Castle and talk to the 'Archer' and then she will tell you some useful infomation about Zanaris!

----------------------------------------------------Step Three--------------------------------------------------
Next, goto any bank and take out some money from your bank and goto the shops and buy a Bronze axe from Nurmof and buy a knife from Hurquin, they're cheap so dont worry.After you have the bronze axe and knife deposit all your equipment and items besides the knife and Bronze axe into your bank and withdraw some food.Your inventory should only have A bronze axe, a knife and food(usually not needed if higher then level 80).After you've done that run to the White knights Castle and talk to the Squire( i think so post if i am wrong ), then you will be teleported to Entrana.Run north till you see a bridge, after you've crossed the bridge head East as much as you can till you see a ladder with some gnomes surrounding it.Go down the ladder.

------------------------------------------------------Step Four--------------------------------------------------
After you've went down the ladder continue through the cave till you see a Draman Tree with a few Level 101 Tree spirits surrounding it.Defeat one of the Tree spirits then Chop the Draman Tree so you can get a Draman Branch.After you have the Draman branch use the knife with it and you will get a Draman Staff! Yay!

------------------------------------------------------Step Five-----------------------------------------------------
Now, open the magic tab once again and use the Pking teleport but this time click Varrock.Then after you teleport to Varrok walk to lumbridge.When you at lumbridge head to the lumbridge swamp and you will find a little house walk in to it and weild the Draman staff, then you've finally complete The lost city quest!!! Easy eh?!!

wolf's cure

Difficulty: Easy
Start: Merlin at anvil place next to Seers Village bank.
REWARD: Ability to buy dragon and black gloves from giles.
Requirements: None
Items Needed: 90 gp

Part 1: Starting the Quest
Step 1: To start this quest tele to Catherby and walk to Seers Village and talk to merlin in the anvil place next to the bank. Where you Will be teleported to Canafis, required to obtain 1 spider egg, 1 ash and 1 bag of salt to make a potion that will cure the people of canifis from turning into wolfs.

If you dont know how to get there here is a map:

Part 2: Obtaining The Ingredients

Step 2. You will see many wolfmen, kill one to obtain some ashes

Step 3. Go to the general store with 90 gp and buy the salt, if you don't have any money on you, there is a bank near by.

Step 4. To obtain Red Spider Eggs search the crate in the canifis bank

Part 3: Finishing the quest
Step 6. Teleport back to catherby and make your way back to merlin. Quest Complete.

sheap shearer

Items needed: 100 nature runes.

talk to the duke on the second floor of lumbridge castle.
he will ask u to get him 25 wool.
then go outside of the castle and and go north untill u reach a lil farm with sheep in the fence.
talk to the guy and hell ask u for 100 nature runes. give them to him and u wil get 25 balls of wool.
telly to catherby and go to the flax area. spin all 25 wool then go back to the duke.

contratz quest complete.!.!''.!

deasert treasure

difficult: medium

length: short

requirements: 53 thieving, 43 prayer is an advantage

items needed: cake, magic shortbow, food ( sharks or better ), prayer potions, good weapon ( dragon or better ),
100 casts of your best magic cast( wind blast or better ).

teleport to catherby and walk to the king located north of the bank.

he will ask you if you want to start the quest say yes.

now he will give you your first task: steal a cake in ardougne.

walk to ardougne, and steal a cake, teleport back to catherby and talk to the king.

now he gives you your second task: get a magic shortbow for me (buy or make a magic shortbow).

once you have a magic shortbow teleport back to catherby and give it to the king

now he will give you your last task: kill the 4 bosses

he will ask you if your ready you can say yes or no if your not ready yet say no.
TIP: have an inventory like this:

might be other runes, just for the best cast!

first you meet dessous - use prayer protect melee - use melee attack
then you meet kamil - use prayer protect magic - use melee attack ( uses melee and magic but mostly magic )
then you meet fareed - use prayer nothing - use magic attack ( slashes trough ur prayer )
then you meet damis - use prayer protect melee - when u use melee u need the pray potions,
when u use range u dont need them ( stand west and attack him its a safe spot! )

once you defeated all the bosses your quest is completed, much fun with ancient spells!

lunar spirit

is none just try to figure out urself
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PostSubject: WoW..   Sun Sep 14, 2008 1:58 pm

NICE guide Surprised lol! affraid

!!!TOMTOM OWNZ!!! afro Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game   Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:46 pm


Difficulty:1/10 If u can follow my crazy directions =P
Requirements: 40 herblore, 60 theifing, completed Lunar diplomancy,and 43+ prayer to protect from melee,and 40 def.
Items Needed: tomato, Equa Leave, a Neckless (you can get these item mean while doing quest)

The map leads to the sailor.
this dude is located near the rock crab location so tele there

to start quest u need to talk to this dude.
located by the docks.

he teles you to a island.

you must get the supplies listed above!!!!

go down the island path intill you find a ghost, he will tell you all the supplies you need witch is listed above.

the building right next to the ghost is where you get the neckalse, all you got to do is open the door and you got it. go back where you got teled by the sailor. theres a spice stall get the tamato from there. also theres like a weed feild pack one use on the potion.

go back to the ghost he asks you if your ready to fight i suggest you to say no because you want to check everything over. theres a bank where the ghost is.

here comes the hardest part of the quest killing the "monster" lol he is realy simple all you need is full load of sharks/mantas and maybe 2-3 prayer pots tops. kill the monster heres the best part!!!!


tip-the alter witch is by the spice stall where you got the tomatto click it AMG YOU GOT LUNARS!!!!

100% credits to me! jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game   Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:37 am

thanks for posting the final quest i needed.
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PostSubject: Re: all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game   Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:12 am

Im for snizzle afro
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PostSubject: Re: all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game   Wed Sep 17, 2008 9:17 am

Yo.. That's a great guide o.O Id vote it 9/10 -> not all quests from tomtom Wink

But kool as... affraid

K and o albino
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PostSubject: Re: all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game   

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all quests guides! so dnt go asking for help in-game
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