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 price guides!

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PostSubject: price guides!   Sun Sep 14, 2008 9:55 am

Third age mage top - 7-12m
Third age mage bottom - 7-12m
Third age mage hat - 7-12m
Third age melee plate - 7-12m
Third age melee legs - 7-12m
Third age melee helm - 7-12m
Thrid age shield - 7-12m
Third age range top - 7-12m
Third age range bottom - 7-12m
Third age range helm -7-12m
Full Rune set - 100k-200k
Robin hoodhat - 2-3m
Ranger boots - 1-3m
Dragon legs - 1-2m
Dragon sq - 1m
Dragon med - 200-400k
Dragon Chain - 10-15m
Guthix armor - 200-500kk each set
Sara armor - 200k-500k each set
Zam armor -200k-500k each set
Amulet of Fury - 2m+
Barrows Gloves - 200-300k
dragon boots - 10m
dragon plateskirt - 4-5m
bandos chestplate - 30-40m
bandos tassets 60m+

D 2h - 300-500k
D scim - 100k-200k
D long - 100k
Dds - 40k
Granite maul - 200-500k
Dark bow - 200m
Abyssal whip - 4m
Mage short bow - 10-100k
God staffs - 100-200k
Dragon wcing axe - 300k-500k
Dragon b axe - 100-150k
Dragon Mace - 60k
Dragon hally - 300k-800k
master wand - 300k-700k
mage book - 400k-1m
crystal shield - 500k-1m
crystal bow - 500k- 1m
ancient staff - 2-3.5m
rune c bow - 700k-1.5m

Blue p hat - 10m
Yellow p hat - 10-15m
Green p hat - 7-12m
Purple - 25-30m
White - 15-25m
Red - 15-20m
Crackers - 80-100m+
Santa's - 2-3m
red mask - 3m
blue mask 4-8m
green mask 3-6m

Rune arrows - 2-4k ea
Ice arrows - 1k-2k ea
Mantas(c) - 20k each
Sharks (c) - 502 gp each in store
Lobsters(c) - 121 gp each in store
Bow strings - 1k-2k each
Flax - 500gp- 1k each
Cow hides - 100gp-500gp
Rune ess - 3-5k each
Feathers - 100gp each
Herbs - 5-20k each
Prayer pots - 100-150k each
Super sets - 50-100k each
Berserker rings - 6m
archer rings - 1m-2m
Seers rings - 1m-2m
warrior ring 1-2m
easter egg - 1gp
seeds-5-50k each
vials - 1gp
wizzy gold - 300k
wizzy trimmed - 300k
clue scroll 500k+
blood rune - 3.5-5k each
air 20gp
mind 20gp
body 20gp
water 20gp
earth 20gp
fire 20gp
cosmic 2-3k
soul - 200 gp
law -200gp
death - 200p
chaos -150gp
nature - 200gp
ammy of str - 3k
ammy of defense -2.5k
ammy of mage - 3.6k
ammy power 7.2k
ammy of glory 60k
super restore potion - 50-100k
saradomin brews 50-100k
range potion 5-10k each
magic potion 5-10k each
anti dragon shield 100-150k
dragon full shield- 35-45m
onyx necklace 500k-1m
beserker helm 50k
helm of neiznot 40k
farseer helm - 70k
archers helm - 60k
addy arrows 500gp - 1k
black bolts - 250gp
adament bolts - 350gp
rune bolts - 500-700gp
bones - 350gp
big bones - 700gp-1k
dragon bones - 2-5k
rune essance - 3.5-4k
obby shield - 200k
obby maul - 200k
onyx gem - 2m
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PostSubject: Re: price guides!   Sun Sep 14, 2008 7:40 pm

tomtom dont u think d axe should be higher because no1 kills dk's soo that means like 2-5 r in-game
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PostSubject: Re: price guides!   Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:28 am

Nice guide mate. unfinished for a while? And i buy 2 crackers for 250m.
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PostSubject: Re: price guides!   

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price guides!
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