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 Herblore guide

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PostSubject: Herblore guide   Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:29 am

This guide will explain the exp and level to make these potions, you'll also know what the herb makes.

LVL 1 herbloring to make:
Irt :700 exp -- Super Att pot.
kwarum : 700exp --Super Str pot.
Cadantine : 700 exp --Super Def pot.

LVL 20 herbloring to make:
Lantadyme: 1,500 exp -- Magic pot.
Dwarf Weed :1,500 exp - Ranging pot.

LVL 35 herbloring to make:
Snap Dragon: 1,700 exp - Super restore pot.

LVL 40 herbloring to make:
Ranarr:2,800 exp -- Prayer pot.

LVL 60 herbloring to make:
Toadflax: (need exp) -- Sara brew.

Q: How is herbloring so good?
A:You can make alot of money off herbloring.

Q:How do you start herbloring.
A:Kill chaos druids for seeds.

Q:Is herbloring easy to to level?
A:I'ts just right.

Q:Does all potions function the same as real runescape?
A: Yes

Q;Where you buy water fill vial?
A: at general store for 1gp each.

Price guide for Herbs
Prayer pot: 100k/ea
Super Set: 150k-200k/per set
Range pot:100k
Sara brews: 50k
Super restore pot/ 150k-200k
Super att + Super str: 100k
.. I'f i missed anything please tell me. I'll be free to answer your questions to
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Herblore guide
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